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What To Expect at a Regatta

About one to two weeks before the regatta, the Captain or Assistant Captain will make a group chat for everyone attending the regatta. In this group chat, they will send any information (such as NORs and addresses) that are relevant to the regatta and the members attending the regatta will discuss what time they should leave UMass in order to get the regatta in time for the skipper’s meeting. The driver should buffer an extra 30-45 minutes for picking everyone up in the morning and stopping at Dunks for breakfast. Depending on how far the drive is and what time you are leaving, you may want to buffer in more time for traffic.

At practice the week before the regatta, members attending the regatta should sign out any gear they need. Gear that is usually needed for regattas includes: a lifejacket, a pinny, gloves, boots, a drysuit (depending on the weather), and a helmet if desired.
The morning of the regatta, the driver will pick everyone up where they live. We do not have a meeting point for regattas because it is usually very early in the morning and busses may not even be running yet. Because the dining halls are not always open for breakfast before we have to leave, we always stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast before the drive.

As far as the actual regatta goes, most of the regattas that we attend have two fleets, so A fleet will get a break while B fleet races and vice versa. We recommend bringing snacks/lunch and plenty of water to stay hydrated. On Saturdays, races go from 10am-4pm and on Sundays, races go from 9am-3pm. This is standard, but there are some exceptions. If there is an exception, it will say so on the NEISA schedule.

If the regatta is a two-day regatta, we stay overnight in either a hotel or with a host (friends/family/alum of the team). The team pays for almost everything: the hotel, gas, and food. We have a budget for each trip, so we aren’t always able to pay for all of the food, but we can usually pay for at least some of it.

What to Expect at a Regatta

Dropping Events

Article III Section 8 of our Constitution states:

“Members must give 72 hours notice for cancelling on a regatta, and try to find a replacement. If one does not give 72 hours then they have to provide proper documentation (such as a doctors note).  If NEISA charges the team a late cancellation fine then the person who cancelled has to pay the fine. First strike is a two week suspension from regattas. Second strike is suspension for the rest of the semester (if it is the last regatta in the semester the suspension will be for half of the next semester). Third strike will be reviewed by the eboard. All infractions will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the eboard.”

Dropping Events

Regatta Sign Up

Instructions for regatta sign ups:

This Google Sheet has two tabs: one tab that is for signing up for weekends that you are available and one tab with our regatta schedule and final rosters. Please sign up for the weekends that you are available and note if you are a skipper or crew, if you have a car and would be willing to drive, and which days (if not both) of the weekend you are available. If there is a specific regatta that you are interested in going to or if you have a skipper/crew pairing that you prefer, please let the Captain or Assistant Captain know.

In the fall, most of our regattas are two-day events, so please keep in mind that if you are only available for one day out of the weekend, you may not be chosen. However, we do have a few one-day events in the fall so please still sign up if you are available. The spring season is not ranked and there are many more one-day regattas. If you are new to sailing, there will be more opportunities to get out to a regatta in the spring than in the fall.

The Captain and Assistant Captain will finalize regatta teams no less than two weeks before each regatta and let you know if you are attending.

Regatta Sign Up

Equipment Sign OUT

Instructions for Equipment Sign Out:

Please use this spreadsheet to sign out any gear taken off of lake property. Include the date for signing it out and all sizes or numbers for any gear borrowed. Please have an eboard member initial in the locked column that they confirm that you are taken what you recorded. Please do the same when you return the borrowed items. If you are not borrowing an item listed, please put N/A in the column. Ultimately, if YOU borrow team gear, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that it gets back to the lake. If an item is lost while it is signed out under your name, you will be held responsible for it. Please keep this in mind when leaving gear in teammates’ cars. If you hand off gear to an eboard member to bring to the lake, please make note of it in the “comments” column.

Equipment Sign Out
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