All students are welcome to join the team from the Five Colleges.

We welcome students from UMass Amherst to join the team as a Full Member to practice and compete and students from the remaining Five Colleges to join as a Recreational Member and come to practices.

Please complete the following 7 steps to become a member of the UMass Sailing Team.

Completing the following 7 steps will make you a current member in good standing for both the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 seasons.

You MUST be a member in good standing in order to compete in any regattas or practices.

If you are member in good standing your name will appear on the roster

Step 1

Member Activation

Step 2

Join Campus Pulse

Joining Campus Pulse is required by the university.


Step 3

Register With College Sailing

In order to compete in regattas each sailor is required to register with College Sailing.

If the UMass Sailing Team sends someone to a regatta who isn't registered the team will incur a fine.

Make sure to select University of Massachusetts as the school

1) Go to  Fill out the information correctly and accurately.  This is the information that is used for all scoring and any official announcements. Common pitfalls are entering the incorrect school (United States of America is not a correct school choice), or the incorrect year of graduation. 


2) A confirmation email will be sent that must be responded to to activate registration.  Look in your junk/SPAM folder for an email from if you do not see it in your inbox.  It will come within 5 minutes of registering and the link in the email expires after a certain amount of time to do this all when you register.


3) REVIEW THIS SECTION CAREFULLY! You will be taken to a page asking you to match with any temporary records that may have been created.  If you have never raced before just click “I’m New” otherwise match your account to any temporary records you may have.  Look carefully at the names and there may be close matches that are not you.


4) Now go to and log in using the email you registered with and the password you entered at that time.  Agree to the End User License Agreement.  Registration is now complete.


Step 4

Join the Slack Team

Joining Slack will allow you to stay connected with all things team related. This platform replaces Facebook and GroupMe as you may remember from the past.


Step 5

Liability / Travel Waiver

Every member must complete a university waiver form in order to participate in team activities. This includes practices and regattas that we travel to every weekend.

With Club Sports now under Campus Rec, registration is done through IMLeagues.

Please contact an Executive Board Member or email to receive an invitation.

There are 4 forms to fill out. This step is not complete until all 4 forms are filled out.(They're pretty quick)

Step 6

Obtain a Membership Pass

A pass for a UMass Student is $100 for the 2021 semester. Obtaining a pass allows you to participate in all team events and regattas during the Fall 2021 season.

A pass for a Five Colleges Student is $50 for the 2021 semester. Obtaining a pass allows you to participate in all team events during the Fall 2021 season. 

Purchase a pass from our alumni association Massachusetts Nautical Association

UMass Student Membership

Five Colleges Student Membership

Step 7

Complete 2 Community Service HOURS

Community Service Hours are generally due by the end of the Spring season. There will be a link soon allowing you to enter your service hours.

More details coming soon!