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The mission of the team is as follows:


(i) Educate students about the sport of sailing, including racing techniques. 

(ii) Encourage participation in the sport of sailing.

(iii) Promote campus participation and teamwork.

(iv) Foster a strong bond between team members, past and present. 

(v) Race competitively within the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association (NEISA).

Since being established in 1995, UMass Sailing has grown into a consistent and successful program that prides itself on its inclusion of members from all levels of experience. The team acquired 6 lightly used FJ's in 2019, which has boosted the ability for members to practice skills on Lake Arcadia, home to 5 College sailors. 

Congratulations _chadioo you are officially an alumni and now our Alumni Chair!! Thank you
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